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5 Hermoupolis Concept sites… in other words “Tonia & Christos”

Since we owned this marvelous neoclassical property of 1864 as it is shown on the marble balcony of the 1st floor, we decided to open the doors and transform it in a house which will be able to accommodate all these guests who are looking something unique… beyond a typical sleep! At the eαrliest times a printing shop was operating on the ground and on the rest two floors a private club for the business men of that times.
The name “five” was given because of the renovation which had result of five rooms, where modern and classic combine in a harmony. The modern lines which exist everywhere in the interior are compiled with the neoclassical character of the property. In every site of “5” we follow “mix & match” theory and classic designs are mixed with contemporary design and this ends to a charming meeting.

Thanks to its privileged location “5” is an excellent choice for accommodation as it is stated in the centre of the Hermoupolis, next to Apollon Theatre and the City Hall. Two minutes away from the city centre and Vaporia area, everyone can combine fun, work and shopping.

Our guests can smell the Lordship if neoclassic Hermoupolis, taste our traditional breakfast, hear the famous philharmonic orchestra & arias from Apollon theatre, as well as the rempetiko music of Markos Vamvakaris, see the beautiful properties designed by Chiller and Sampo and touch the turkish delight powder…
Then, they will have felt the experience of “5” with all their senses…


Welcome to “5’s” world, where every guest can enjoy the simplicity, friendly mood, minimal aesthetics and lives every moment like a VIP.
Our concierge services responds to direct fulfill of every need and take care for your personal wishes.
It is always a pleasure to adjust our services to your special needs and preferences, taking over personally every occasion with the same thrill.

Leave yourselves on our “hands” and enjoy high standard concierge services!

With warm regards,

Tonia & Christos

For more information please contact with us at:
+30 22810 89001

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